Things I've made trying to put my dent in the universe.

I've worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I'm most proud of. Many of them are open-source, so if you see something that piques your interest, check out the code and contribute if you have ideas for how it can be improved.

  • Cobalt's logo


    A high-performance platform that implements a subset of HTML5/CSS/JS to run applications.

  • Accelerated Discovery's logo

    Accelerated Discovery

    Combining quantum computing, AI, and hybrid cloud to quickly discover solutions.

  • Almaden Genomics's logo

    Almaden Genomics

    Accelerates scientific discovery for bioinformaticians and their teams.

  • Appsembler's logo


    An experiential learning platform lets you deliver Open edX courses and virtual IT Labs.

  • Django Mako's logo

    Django Mako

    The first simple, elegant Mako library built for Django framework.

  • Rosetta's logo


    Android library that enables multi-language support in your apps.

  • Python Faker's logo

    Python Faker

    A Python package that generates fake data for you.

  • quran's logo


    A modular, high performance, headless Quran platform built with Python, Rest, Django, and React.

  • dispatch-workflow's logo


    Trigger a workflow in another (or same) repository and wait for the job to finish.

  • Sultan's logo


    A Remote-development-ready Devstack by Appsembler for Open edX developers.

  • django-versatileimagefield's logo


    [Contributor] Fixed issues with WebP image processing.

  • django-flapjacks's logo


    A Django project that automates the process of transcoding videos on the cloud and uploading them to Youtube.

  • django-flapjacks's logo


    A set of tools that will help you to manage Django object in the database.